To the “Universe” … No, to God instead

Put it out to the Universe?

I wrote the following about my Christian struggle with the “Universe”:

To be honest, this has been one of the hardest parts of my entrepreneurial journey as a Christian. When I heard about “The Universe” as this psychic force that if I only tapped into it fully would give me all that I desired to be successful, I wondered where was the personal God known in Jesus Christ?

Don’t get me wrong, there are parts and aspects of this that make sense to me, like what you focus on will influence what you see and experience (focus on success and not on failure and you are likely to succeed, for example). When I consider adopting the philosophical framework that is behind all of this, it brings me to a place where God is not really God, and definitely not a personal God.

As a Christian entrepreneur, the framework of all of creation is that God created this wonderful, beautiful, and quite mysterious universe, and that this God is not to be reduced to an impersonal set of forces or principles. Proper forces or principles will always be in congruence with God and how God created this universe.

This has some truths to it

I suspect that other people of faith have struggled with this also. I do think that there are parts of this that are of great benefit.

  • The law of attraction points to a reality that we all experience. It says that thinking positive thoughts tends to bring them about.
  • The law of abundance leads to a success filled life for all (this is not primarily about money).

Put it out to God, instead

My struggle comes in the lack of a personal God in this Universe. I suspect that this struggle hits many other people, too. Christians know, and are known by, a God that is with us, and loves us, and saves us. God is the one who made the universe and called it all very good. God made all of this so that people could succeed in a way that enhances life for all.

So, Don’t put your work out into some “Universe” that is impersonal. I suggest putting your work out to God who made it all.

Leave a comment below about what you think about this.

PS: The quote above is from my little pdf 7 Marks of the Christian Entrepreneur which you can get for free here if you want more reflections of a this sort.

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