You have weaknesses? So what!

We all have weaknesses. That is the truth of it and it applies to all of us.

Are our weaknesses our downfall? No!

We could see that our weaknesses are going to be our downfall, that they will prevent us from our entrepreneurial work and dreams.

The problem with that is that whatever we think strongly about is what tends to become reality for us. If we think that our weaknesses will prevent us from success then that very thought will keep us from success simply because we believe that it is true.

This is just part of being human.

Our weak areas are just a part of who we are as human beings. We are not God, we are creatures and we are all a combination of strengths, potential strengths, and weak areas.

We are imperfect but we have gifts to uniquely see the world and express ourselves. Our weaknesses are just the areas that we need help in from others, or need to learn and grow into more.

Just be yourself, an imperfect creature with great gifts.

The question is what do we do with this information? As Christian entrepreneurs we see that our weak areas are marks of our creatureliness. We are created, and are therefore not God. What a relief that we do not have to be god-like, perfect. Instead we can just be ourselves.

We do not have all experiences, all gifts, and every voice, and that means that we will have weak areas.

God created us to serve!

God created us to perfectly serve those whom we are meant to serve, with the experiences that only we can bring to the table, with our unique combination of gifts, with our own voice. Our weaknesses do not matter, and if we need help, there are people who are gifted in just that area who can help us out.

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